The Messenger

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WHat Is a Pulsar Star?

A Pulsar star is the lighthouse of the universe. It  emits a focused beam of light that is  only visible when one is directly in the path of its transmission.  Pulsar stars are the dead relics of massive supernovae; the outer layer has blasted off into space, leaving the inner core, dense and luminous.

Pulsar stars act as messengers of light for those that are able to attune to their frequencies.

Pulsar Publishing and media is a messenger of transformation.

Through literature and media, we blast away the outer layer that separates us from the sacred practice of life to experience a deeply meaningful inner life.

It is the mission of Pulsar to create a culture of peace  through the production of literature, lectures, workshops, and digital media reflective of our diverse global community.  Pulsar amplifies unheard voices, while producing creative content derived from an inclusive world and spiritual view.

Pulsar Publishing and Media is Headquartered at Starlight House Creative Sanctuary for Women in Knoxville, TN.