Mission Statement

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We are advocates of social change, artistic expression, and ethical business profitability.

It is the mission of Pulsar to produce, advise, publish and promote the work of our diverse global community.  Pulsar strives to amplify unheard voices, while producing creative content that is reflective of the modern world. We believe that personal expression, no matter how it is defined, is an essential basis for success. That’s why we have created a business model inclusive to artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, and authors to discover their most unique, marketable forms of expression.  At Pulsar we accept all people from varying walks of life.

It’s Taken Us Five Years to Get Here.

Pulsar began as a boutique publishing house in 2010, founded by Dr. Anjana Love Dixon. It hsas now expanded into a full-service publishing house, consulting firm, and artist collective.

Pulsar is creativity in action.

PULSAr TV Presents: Life: An Artist’s Statement


I am very excited about PulsarTV and what we have to offer in the current burgeoning lineup and programs we are working on in the future. Please subscribe!


Anjana Love