Starlight House: A Sanctuary of Feminine Creativity

I believe in the power of limitless human potential, the open communication all of us have with the force of life.

My cause is helping women achieve emotional, mental, and creative self-sufficiency because, nothing is more dangerous than a damaged woman. I know I was one. Radical acts of art are the antidotes to the malignancy of feminine neglect. All women need a place of their own to grow, change, and create inner and outer worlds on their own terms.

Starlight House is the place for such women who are in dire need of an artistic life. Women who are transitioning from the darkness in their lives be it loss of relationships, money, housing, health, or youth. Starlight House is a place to regain wisdom and make a place for yourself in the world of artistic expression. We can change the world together by gestating and birthing artistic acts of love.

The mission of Starlight House is to empower women in transition to birth works of art that will change cultural perspectives, social stigmas, and empower the creative process within.

Starlight house is a sanctuary of feminine expression where women have living quarters. We have developed a pr gram that assists women in transition to find a place to call their own, not only inside their hearts and minds but in the world as well. Artists in residence are taught artistic trades, life skills, and receive counseling for the difficulties they have faced along their journey.

We will soon be releasing a master schedule of classes, counseling programs, and artist intensives that will help women hone their abilities. Exceptional artists will have the opportunity to go professional. We have curators standing by ready for painters, producers waiting for musicians, healing centers waiting for healers, and of course, exceptional writers will be published through my publishing house Pulsar Press, founded in 2010.

From the art of healing self and other to creating a visual masterpiece, all acts of art, from intuition to musicianship are welcomed at Starlight House. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Stay tuned for announcements on classes and more.

A gritty images of a smoking hand gun laying on the floor with narrow focus on the tip if the barrel

Ending the Cycle of Gun Violence in America

Cataclysmic gun violence is the quintessence of the American narrative. Photo after photo of disturbing faces behind masterful plans to cleanse America of its ills pervade our newsfeeds.  Meanwhile, Law enforcement officers have killed in cold blood and have walked free. Each are not different from the other, save a uniform.

There is no such singularity as a peace culture or violence culture. There are aspects of both in each.  But I do not believe that if we want to prepare for peace that we must engage war.  Mass shootings are a symptom of a greater problem; we can no longer ignore the pungency of our festering American wounds.

In the Journal of Peace Research, Johan Galtung’s article Cultural Violence defines the function of cultural violence as follows:

One way cultural violence works is by changing the moral color of an act from red/wrong to green/right or at least to yellow/acceptable; an example being ‘murder on behalf of one’s country is right, on behalf of oneself wrong’ Another way is by making reality opaque, so that we do not see the violent act as fact or at least not as violent.[i]

While attempting to cope with the present reality, America has yet to heal from witnessing heroes of justice and equality killed in front of our eyes: sniped from the grassy knoll, killed in private quarters.  Miles of white headstones scattered on rolling hills between amber waves of grain document the anthology of American expendability.

These slaughterous contributions to collective society cannot be seen in any other way but as vile seeds of more violence. This level of violence seen in America has birthed a fatalistic loyalty, once again, to slavery. Money, particularly the profiting from acts of violence, is the master with the whip. Those at the top are enraptured by the destructive allure of increasing wealth.

The majority of the American population sits complacently, watching storylines unfold without a desire to take action. After all, if it isn’t happening to me, it’s entertainment. Right?

If we were to theorize how to redistribute power within the top-heaviness of American structural violence, we would see a people afraid, bound, and chained.  As we remember assassinations, unlawful arrests, and ruined lives, the majority of the American population is too afraid to take action.  All of us right now, unified in this moment, are being held at gunpoint.   Inherent human needs for survival, identity, well-being, and freedom are used to blackmail us into cooperation.  We are being fleeced by distracting rhetoric and held hostage by corrupt moralism while we have the American dream stolen beneath our tired feet.

The archetypal violent structure, in my view, has exploitation as a center-piece. This simply means that some, the topdogs, get much more out of interaction in the structure than others, the underdogs.[ii]

This gangrenous wound is what kills people, not guns. The necessity of regulation is apparent. The caveat to this issue is that regulation must first begin with the redistribution of power.

A person shouting, ‘Killing is self-realization!’, may prove that the English language is capable of expressing such thoughts, but not that the English language as such is violent. [iii]

Instead of looking at our crumbling societal infrastructure, the incumbent powers that be formulate an intricate plan of scapegoating, a sleight of hand that causes a ripple effect of rage and prejudice among the American people.  Make no mistake, the war on terror begins here.

The war on terror is not a tangible war. It is a war of minds, a subversive pogrom aimed at free-thinkers, impassioned educators, and seekers of knowledge, pitted against systems of belief that empower xenophobia and isolationism as predestined fundamentals of the common good.  Such miseducation suffocates cultural evolution. When the brave speak out against this philosophy, they are marginalized, dissocialized and face expulsion from the flock (another form of structural violence).  These acts of violence are so subtle, so seemingly benign, that when each of us act them out in some way every day, we feel better, empowered. This is social cannibalism.

Regular criminal activity is partly an effort by the underdog to ‘get out’, to redistribute wealth, get even, get revenge (blue collar crime), or by somebody to remain or become a topdog, ducking the structure for what it is worth (white collar crime). 

Social equality is an imperative to eliminate turning guns on one another, ourselves.  Our decisions to elect officials must solely rest on trustworthiness and ability to be an active voice for the people.

A culture of peace is derived from impenetrable faith in humanity.  We must rely on our neighbors and call them friends. We have to resolve conflict from a place of self-acceptance to ward off the desire to cast judgment.  We cannot forcibly impress our beliefs and call such an action the greater good. When we have the courage as individuals to call ourselves to task, create change within, we will transcend this dark age in our zeitgeist.


[i] Galtung, Johan, Cultural Violence, P. 292

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Life: An Artist’s Statement (VIDEO)

My artist statement begins with Cleansing.

When I cleanse my home, I cleanse within. I purge negative emotions, brainstorm ideas, solve the world’s problems, and write erotic novellas.  I converse with old memories and assume new characteristics. My inner world unifies with the outer world when I prepare my sanctuary to present my life as a masterpiece. I seek to find magic in the mundane.

How do you present your artist statment through random acts of life?

The Essentials of Self Love: #BodyPositive Video with Music by Peaches

I had an amazing dance teacher back in the 90s named “Mr. Shawn.” While other dancers said I was “too thick to kick” Mr. Shawn always told me I had the potential of being a great dancer. I never knew what he meant until now.

Dance is an expression of the badassery within. I am poetry in jiggly, cellulite bedazzled, hoola hooping motion. I love every line on my face and every curve of my figure.

It is a fundamental right of women to love self and others as is. Let’s celebrate inner and outer beauty by giving and accepting complements. Let’s temper our envy with joy for another woman’s successes. And most importantly let’s accept our minds, hearts, and bodies as perfectly imperfect, a rare jewel reserved for those who know how to worship the curves.

A Memo to Those who Defunded Planned Parenthood


Dear Republicans (starting with the men):

The next time you troll for ass in an underserved neighborhood where you would never be recognized, make sure you wrap it up. Because the prostitute you plan to lay down with may not be able to go to get tested for HIV, she wont be able to make sure she is free of other STDs, and she wont be getting that pap smear because you defunded Planned Parenthood. Makes sure you don’t get her pregnant because she will cause you a scandal when she rolls up on your campaign trail saying “pay me child support.” But you will laugh at her, turn to your cronies and say: “Cut welfare to these children, cut healthcare to these children.” This, women is institutional rape. We are being violated  as these men make ass backwards moralism and control issues a lesser god. 

To the women republicans who voted: Who among us epitomizes the holy mother? None. Who among us can tell the other how to take care of her body? None. Who among us even within our own rapidly changing bodies can predict how our next menstrual cycle will feel? None. How dare you turn against your own kind to serve in submission a god who you will never understand or even care to know? You have impaled women in their most sacred place with the American way.

The worst part of  is that you determine who is deserving of care and yet you  savor the sinew of extra-marital affairs and the atrocity of child molestation. But the women in underpriveleged communities must suffer, with no way out, having unplanned pregnancies and supplicating to you for welfare benefits. How much more do you have to shame us out of having a life on our terms?

You speak of the methodology of abortions. “How barbaric. 78% of abortions are in the African-American community. We have to teach these people to revere their own children like civilized humans…like us.” Yet you murder these same children in the street in cold blood. You tackle them to the ground for jaywalking and you handcuff them for being inventive. If you were truly pro-life, truly for the will of God (and I use that term loosely), then you would not seek to see their mothers without rights and you would treat them as human beings. But you can’t even do that.

You interject in the public conversation about women’s private matters saying: “Well, these people are mired in sin. They would have blessings if they did not sin. All they need to do is make Jesus their savior.  I mean look at me, I am a billionaire! I have a private jet. God’s prosperity is my reward for being a humble servant.”

This is the real problem. You hide behind religiosity to be oppressive hate mongers to women, children and minorities:

Until you understand damage underfunding you republicans have done through cutting children’s health care, until you realize that another child born into poverty is a worse fate than a woman’s right to govern her own body, do not — and I mean do not — force-feed me this non-sensical, totalitarian bullshit about being pro-life. Do not attempt to say that you believe that protecting an unborn child’s life is as important to you than caring for children who already live in the world.  Do not forget these children are cognizant of the harsh reality that no one cares for them and that their lives are endagered just by their mere existence. What happens when they become adults?   A life of crime to prove your point? These families have no money now, no food now and no mommy to care because she is working three jobs right. damn. now. Take care of the hungry and poor now and let the mothers and unready women handle their own lives. 

When a person is pro-life, they have care and compassion for the well being of humanity no matter what race or creed. They do not step into a role that even God himself  will not take on by forcing his will on others. Pro-lifers have reverence for animal life, and most of all they have respect for the differences of opinion and the freedom to choose. And if you think that the fate of humans is based on sin, then you seriously need a reality check.

To be pro-life is, in fact, to allow others to live and let live.

-A Disgruntled American Outlier

 BDSM: Human Nature’s Passion Story (Photo Journey NSFW)

Photos by Chryseis Dawn 


Within the infinite ripple of cause, effect, and control lies desire – a form of omniscient control set forth by human nature.  In the shrouded world of BDSM, both sub and dom engage in a cycle of supremacy.  The desire to control holds the dom in rigid authority while the sub’s desire to be a pleasurable servant becomes the breaking point of unbridled ecstasy to the one called master. Each hold power tautly, until each transcends their own sense of self.


Two People. One Safe Word.

In the exploration of exilic spaces, two people serve time within the prison of the body learning how to feel alive, understand their painful past, and make love to the element of confinement. Sealed by roles, bound by labels and suspended by fear-induced exhilaration, BDSM is living, breathing commentary on the roles of humanity that otherwise may never be explored but in a dungeon.  What many subs and doms share in their experience of BDSM is the inexplicable trust forged in the moment when life hangs in the balance, on the edge of suffocation and sanctity, the presence of death – oftentimes otherwise ignored – opens the door to a new heaven not found in any temple but that of the human body.




Markings within Surface on the Skin


Exploration of labels cast upon the spirit is made present in the physical space. The physical exemplification of verbal abuse empowers the brandished.  The word becomes a qualification of an unspoken hierarchy.  The label becomes a vehicle for exploration of a damaging society that continues to perpetuate damage on the impressionable surface of humanity.  While the skin heals, the heart carries labels for a much longer period of time, shaping the mind and predetermining actions played out in everyday life.

Labels Become Roles of Which we cannot Escape:


Mother. Husband. Father. Wife. Provider. Breadwinner. Bitch. Whore. Slut. Victim. Perpetrator. President. Dictator. Madame. Queen. Slave. Star.

Each of us can relate to these roles and there are places within society that are perfectly designed for our insecurities and desires.  When we make the choice to take on these roles, we wear masks that become bonded with our psyche. This union causes ripples of cause and effect to become tidal waves of undesired outcomes and life spiraling out of control. In the darkroom of the soul, both sub and dom work on the discipline of removal. Through the attachment of tools and apparatuses, the mask becomes secondary to the overflowing cup of sensation, which then creates a pattern of muscle memory to leave the mask in the dungeon. We are not our roles, we are nothing but frail humanity in its beauty and horrific demise.  In essence, it is humanity that we must obey when the cycle of life takes hold and sends us on the journey of age, sickness, and death.


Holy Violence


Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The most famous crown of the human condition is the crown of thorns.  Western religion has taught us the principle of holy violence: the more we suffer, endure persecution as blameless victims, the holier we become. The strength to withstand excruciating pain defines our godliness.  Society follows suit by rewarding strength and endurance in many categorized roles of the human race from sports to self-denial.


BDSM is the Passion Story in infinite acts. Just as a woman has been brandished a slut, Jesus was called “King of the Jews.” Just as a man is suspended by nipple hooks after a beating, Jesus was scourged and crucified. Our choices and positions in life confine us to a path, they are our stations of the cross. Within the world of pain, such confinements fall away, and a person dies to his or her former self. In the utterance of a safe word in the eleventh hour, resurrection occurs.  What is revealed is that deification is, yet again another trap. When we seek to deify others or be deified, we become enslaved once again by our desire to attain the unattainable.

What is your Passion Story?

Some believe that all roads of humanity are different aspects of slavery and domination. What do you believe?